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Buckeyes on the road in Indiana

Hello Indiana Buckeyes,


I hope this message finds you well!  Some of our OSU athletic teams will soon to be in your area. Your club is urged to continue to support our athletic teams while they compete on the road. Several teams have enjoyed the support they have received at events clubs have held for them while travelling around the country. Coaches and student-athletes value the experiences that they have had on the road with friends, family and alumni. The link to the athletic staff directory is for you to make contact with assistant coaches/administrative assistants to support some of these events. Let’s make sure that our Buckeyes feel at home when they compete on the road.


Ohio State Buckeyes Athletic website



Field Hockey

10/23/13          @ Muncie, IN              vs Ball St                     3 pm


Men’s Cross Country & Women’s Cross Country

9/13/13            @ West Lafayette, IN             vs Big Ten Preview                 time TBD

10/4/13            @ South Bend, IN                   vs Notre Dame Invtl                time TBD

10/19/13          @ Terre Haute, IN                  vs Pre-Ntl Invtl                        time TBD

11/3/13            @ West Lafayette, IN             vs Big Ten Chmps                  time TBD

11/23/13          @ Terre Haute, IN                  vs NCAA Chmps                    time TBD


Women’s Soccer

9/13/13            @ Bloomington, IN                 vs Central Michigan                3:30 pm

9/1513             @ Bloomington, IN                 vs St John’s                            11 am             


Men’s Soccer

8/26/13            @ South Bend, IN                   vs Notre Dame                       7 pm

9/29/13            @ Bloomington, IN                 vs Indiana                                2 pm



If you host a team or attend an event, please send us pictures (we love them!) and post on your website and Facebook page.  Thank you in advance for your support of our Buckeyes!







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